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Change Chicago.

We love Chicago.  But, Chicago is broken.  That's where we come in.  

We are here for two reasons:

  1. To help you learn about what's really going on in Chicago.
  2. To promote policies and actions that can really Change Chicago.

That's where you come in.

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Here's why we love Chicago.

The People. The lake. Devon Avenue. Shopping on Mag Mile (but not on Saturdays). Indie coffee houses. Bungalows. Marshall Fields (that's right). House music. Storefront theater. Thai on every block.  The Garfield Park Conservatory. The Rookery. The Chicago River.  South Shore Cultural Center. Rebirth after The Fire. Knowing Lower Wacker. The Blue Line - 45 minutes to O'Hare @ $2.25.  The skyline from LSD.  Neighborhoods. Museum of Science and Industry.  Diversity at the parks. Farm on Ogden.  Green City Market.  Western Ave end to end. The water taxi. Cab drivers who know Lower Wacker.  DuSable Museum. Grey stones.  16-inch softball. Alleys. Marina City.  Humboldt Park. That Oprah rebirthed the West Loop. So many dogs. Concerts in the parks. Elotes carts.  Complaining about Navy Pier.  When out-of-town visitors make us go to Navy Pier.   Jackie Robinson West. Running up the stairs as the El arrives. Dibs.  

World-Class City

Chicago is a world-class city. Our skyline gleams and teams with energy. But, too many of our people and neighborhoods have been left out of the loop. To stay a world-class city, we need to support all Chicagoans - even the ones who don't develop condos, manage money or donate to campaigns. We deserve city leaders who work for all of us, who understand our problems, and who fight for our prosperity, not just theirs.

We can Change Chicago to a city we deserve. Donate here to support our work.


Our schools must be great across the city. Parents should not have to choose between city and suburbs. Our city should support our teachers. But, our city leaders too often support city bureaucrats and the lobbyists who love them. Our city leaders siphon off public cash to private contractors and "educational consultants." No more. We need to put our kids and teachers first!

We also must understand that neighborhoods traditionally starved of resources and hope locate their community in our public schools. So, closing a school crushes a community.  Schools are not profit centers or assets to be converted to cash. Schools should not be closed so that they can be redeveloped as gentrifying condos.  We must support our local schools, not close them for profiteers.


We can all agree that the shootings and murder in our city are insane.  We know the causes of violence: systemic, generational poverty; decisions to starve south and west side neighborhoods of resources and development; poor access to opportunities and jobs; illegal guns from Indiana; and police practices that alienate citizens rather than protect them.

Shockingly, our city leaders blame the violent-plagued communities and fall back on the old "morally inferior" trope. 

Our fellow Chicagoans deserve better. It is a generational imperative to reverse these conditions. We need more investment in south and west side neighborhoods, including in our schools, better transportation in and out of these neighborhoods, and better physical and mental health care. Instead of closing down shelters and mental health clinics, we should open and expand them. And, our police department needs to hold violent officers accountable and adopt community policing strategies.

We also need better affordable housing policies so we aren't forcing impoverished Chicagoans into tighter and tighter areas.

Clean City Government

Chicago has long been a national synonym for corrupt city government.  Not only is our pay-to-play style of governance outrageous, we also cannot afford it anymore. We need to get serious about squeezing out the graft.

Here is what we need to do it:

  • Prohibit city officials from lobbying after they leave city employment.
  • Reform TIF - the opaque slush fund used to pay back supporters.
  • Impose city term limits for mayors and aldermen.
  • Give the city council oversight powers.
  • Create and enforce a duty of loyalty for anyone with power to vote on or approve city contracts.

We can Change Chicago to a city we deserve. Donate here to support our work.


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